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Subject:   why i am sorry to have a mac for nearly 20 years.
Date:   2004-11-20 12:46:16
From:   robbenoord
I am buying my 5th mac!!
But after 20 years I still have to use my windows Pc
to order tickets etc or to watch cams on the net.
It's becoming a real pain in the neck!!
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  • why i am sorry to have a mac for nearly 20 years.
    2004-11-23 17:41:55  smith34m [View]

    Get yourself a copy of Virtual PC. Windows runs better on a Mac than on an Intel machine. And loook at the bright side... on the Mac you have no virus issues, pop-ups, spyware, etc..
  • i am not sorry for having a mac, but...
    2004-11-23 05:02:29  mandrake69 [View]

    I'm using only macs at home and at work and have very few incompatibility issues on the i-net (I'm using Safari and Opera). But the real pain in the neck is the poor compatibility between OS X and OS 9. Why I always see garbage on the USB flash drive (or zip-drive) written in OS9 when open it in OS X (and vice versa)?
  • why i am sorry to have a mac for nearly 20 years.
    2004-11-22 16:43:13  gman226 [View]

    i have only had a MAC (G5) for 8 months. love the machine!. But I can't stand seeing things that are not compatible with the mac on the i net. i figured they'd have that figured out!

  • why i am sorry to have a mac for nearly 20 years.
    2004-11-21 10:42:10  lyradius [View]

    I think even Apple has missed the open source browser FIREFOX.

    Safari shows me garbage when I accidently turn of a required font.

    When I sue IE or Safari, Yahoo games says "This game cannot be played on Macs or Unix" This is not the case when I use the Firefox browser on a mac. I play those games just fine dispite their "announcement".

    I suggest the same might be true with your ticket problem.

    By the way , I hope Tiger addresse the Safari font problem. Why doesn't FIREFOX have this problem?
    segmented resources are not all that bad sometimes I suspect.