Agile User Interface Development
Subject:   smart object/thin view model
Date:   2004-11-19 04:35:32
From:   AndyP
Response to: smart object/thin view model

How do you test that you view code contains no business logic? Surely TDD says you can't trust any code you aren't testing?
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  • smart object/thin view model
    2004-11-29 06:52:41  ipreuss [View]

    You can't test that "view code contains no business logic". But you certainly can be quite sure that it doesn't contain business logic without having to write tests.

    And no, TDD doesn't say "you can't trust any code your aren't testing". Actually it explicitely says to not test code that "cannot possibly break", i.e. simple getters or setters.

    Last but not least, TDD is a tool, not a dogma.