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  Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Acually I think it might be a permissions problem
Date:   2004-11-19 03:43:16
From:   CrazyPsyRoller
Response to: Why can I view PHP pages but not html ones?

Ah update....I now know the server will accept html....the real problem is something to do with permissions....it opens up index.html or index.php but whenever I click on a link I always get the forbidden error telling me I dont have permission to access the file...

please please someone help, I really dont know what to do....

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  • Acually I think it might be a permissions problem
    2004-12-08 11:56:20  Drachentöter [View]

    I think you have turned on FileVault right? The process of enableing FileVault cause a change of the permission setting of your home directory - I do not know why this havens? But if you start your terminal then go to your home directory and enter "chmod 755 ~" then it is working again and well.