Extending Ruby with C
Subject:   nice article
Date:   2004-11-19 03:26:22
From:   riffraff
thanks for this, it was a nice reading.
Anyway, it's worth noting that you can wrap C libs withouth writing a single line of C, accessing them directly from ruby code thanks to the ruby/dl module (included in ruby >1.8)
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  • nice article
    2004-11-19 09:09:09  rooneg [View]

    I've played around with the ruby/dl module, and it seems very cool in theory, but I wasn't able to get it to do a whole lot in practice (I was using it on OS X, so that might be the reason).

    Plus, in my opinion writing to the C API gives a lot more freedom, and it isn't really that hard, certainly easier than doing so in the other agile languages, that's for sure.

    That said, if ruby/dl does what you're looking for then more power to you, I just wasn't very successful with it the last time I tried it out.