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  Tiger Presents New Opportunities for Developers
Subject:   Dashboard lowers the bar considerably
Date:   2004-11-18 23:42:52
From:   tonywilliams

While looking over the technologies that Apple will be introducing with Tiger there are many, including Spotlight and CoreData (as someone has already pointed out), that may excite Cocoa capable developers I think Dashboard will be the one that provides the best opportunities for the rest of us.

If you examine what Apple has already publically told us about how they Widgets will be developed we know that the interface is done using HTML with the help of CSS and that the back end programming start with JavaScript.

OK, at the moment if we examine some publically available Widgets (you can see some at Dashboarder) then you will see that serious work requires a small Cocoa app to gain access to the facilities of the operating system.

However this may well not last long, already there is one version of a terminal for the dashboard. How long before someone gives us a Widget that allows a Perl script or shell command?

Then the HTML interface is a lot easier to build than a Cocoa one in a more traditional application. Here in Sydney, Australia a small developer such as myself looking to find someone who is a good interface designer with Cocoa ability is difficult, if not impossible, and expensive. One capable of using HTML and CSS is easier and cheaper to find.

The easy interface and scripting makes trying something out, an ad hoc application, much easier. The lower entry cost of Dashboard will see some tremendous innovation and some marvelous new capabilities for our Macs - just wait and see.

Tony Williams

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  • Derrick Story photo More on Dashboard...
    2004-11-19 07:56:09  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I agree. I think there will be tremendous opportunity to build cool, useful items with Dashboard that other Mac users would want to have. And along those lines, I think Automator provides similar possibilities. If you've been sitting on a good idea, now is the time to look at these tools and start thinking about bringing it to reality.
    • More on Dashboard...
      2005-01-23 19:51:32  Jamie van Dyke [View]

      Here's another site for you to check out:


      We'll be offering articles, tips'n'tricks, tutorials and more...as well as widgets. Join the forums, and get instant access to add your widgets.
  • Dashboard lowers the bar considerably
    2004-11-22 16:42:18  gman226 [View]

    • Sorry
      2004-11-22 16:44:02  gman226 [View]

      Tomat Tomahto Publicly, Publically.. My mistake