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Subject:   OSX 10.4 upgrade
Date:   2004-11-18 15:26:10
From:   OtisWild
Response to: OSX 10.4 upgrade

I would wait.

Apple is pretty obnoxious in this area, so I would definitely wait until at the very least they offer free upgrade vouchers in the box if their new HW doesn't ship with X.4.

Frankly I think they should just go with 'X' (the letter, not the Roman numeral) with a version number, instead of prolonging this 10.x.y stuff. I mean, each of these 'sub versions' rank (and are priced) as version releases due to new apps, features and fframework/APIs....

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  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-11-23 06:09:26  Rahbyrt [View]

    Buy it now.

    Conventional wisdom says never buy the first release of any Apple OS upgrade unless you want the bugs that were missed in Apple's rush-to-market. Software Smarties will say wait for the first revision of the upgrade, such as Tiger 10.4.2 .

    Of-course by then we'll have news that OSX 10.5 "Cheetah" is scheduled to be released in 6-months, and maybe we should wait for that...
    ...and so continues the infamous Apple infinite loop of operating system introductions.

    So just buy it now.