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Subject:   OSX 10.4 upgrade
Date:   2004-11-18 10:41:38
From:   pkonigsberg
I'm thinking of buying a mac but wonder if I should just wait till 10.4 comes out, or do you think Apple would allow a recent (2 or 3 months before 10.4 release) mac buyer a free upgrade to 10.4?
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  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2005-03-25 09:46:43  H.M.Seiden [View]

    I feel your pain my out there, my brother or sister Mac user!

    I, too am considering a G5 tower (my G3 B&W 400MHz is just slow, but knock on wood has not had a major glitch since I put in a new power module 2 years ago). Thanks for a great ride on this one Apple but if I can hold out suspect that before WWDC (read May) we will see Tiger on the street.

    It just irks me to fork over another $200 (less than what my old B&W is worth today!) to update to Tiger. This would be the case if I gave Apple $3K for a new desktop and display now (three months before Tiger).

    So, guess what? I'm waiting just like the rest of you. Will lagging sales motivate Apple? It'd better! I don't see Apple raising the street product of the hardware that's been out since 2004 to compensate early PPC adopters, do you? Have they ever?

  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-11-24 05:12:37  MACMAN [View]

    I wish they would,
    I have writen to APPLE twice regarding allowing people who have purchased an apple computer within 6 months of the new Operating System being released, a free upgrade.

    Quite simply the answer is no.

    However ( TIGER ) is supposed to be for G5 macs, so unless you have a G5 you should not need it, further more the most important parts of the OS are ( security, classic compatibilty, speed and stability ), and from what I have seen from TIGER these area's are the same.
  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-11-21 10:20:15  alarzaga [View]

    Since OS upgrades generally go for $20 for recent buyers of their hardware, and assuming that Tiger is released sometime in January, then a better question is whether it is worth waiting 2-3 months for $20.

  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-11-19 03:03:41  Sandman619 [View]

    Apple usually offers recent owners the chance to purchase the newer OS for $19.95; their cost for the CD & shipping. I think that they usually extend that offer 3 to 6 months into the past. Usually, once the release date is announced, they will include the upgrade offer for new customers. This way, they don't suffer a lag in sales between the announcement and the on-shelf date.

    A developer friend of mine is test-driving the deloper release and said that Tiger is definitely worth the upgrade.
  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-11-18 15:26:10  OtisWild [View]

    I would wait.

    Apple is pretty obnoxious in this area, so I would definitely wait until at the very least they offer free upgrade vouchers in the box if their new HW doesn't ship with X.4.

    Frankly I think they should just go with 'X' (the letter, not the Roman numeral) with a version number, instead of prolonging this 10.x.y stuff. I mean, each of these 'sub versions' rank (and are priced) as version releases due to new apps, features and fframework/APIs....