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Subject:   OSX 10.4 upgrade
Date:   2004-11-18 10:41:38
From:   pkonigsberg
I'm thinking of buying a mac but wonder if I should just wait till 10.4 comes out, or do you think Apple would allow a recent (2 or 3 months before 10.4 release) mac buyer a free upgrade to 10.4?
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  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2005-03-25 09:46:43  H.M.Seiden [View]

    I feel your pain my out there, my brother or sister Mac user!

    I, too am considering a G5 tower (my G3 B&W 400MHz is just slow, but knock on wood has not had a major glitch since I put in a new power module 2 years ago). Thanks for a great ride on this one Apple but if I can hold out suspect that before WWDC (read May) we will see Tiger on the street.

    It just irks me to fork over another $200 (less than what my old B&W is worth today!) to update to Tiger. This would be the case if I gave Apple $3K for a new desktop and display now (three months before Tiger).

    So, guess what? I'm waiting just like the rest of you. Will lagging sales motivate Apple? It'd better! I don't see Apple raising the street product of the hardware that's been out since 2004 to compensate early PPC adopters, do you? Have they ever?

  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-11-24 05:12:37  MACMAN [View]

    I wish they would,
    I have writen to APPLE twice regarding allowing people who have purchased an apple computer within 6 months of the new Operating System being released, a free upgrade.

    Quite simply the answer is no.

    However ( TIGER ) is supposed to be for G5 macs, so unless you have a G5 you should not need it, further more the most important parts of the OS are ( security, classic compatibilty, speed and stability ), and from what I have seen from TIGER these area's are the same.
    • OSX 10.4 upgrade
      2004-12-02 03:29:46  Boondoggle [View]

      Tiger is not just for G5s!!! It will be a huge upgrade for G4 users as well!! I can't wair for it on my Powerbook. Where do you get this stuff? Tiger is feature rich: new Mail, new iChat, Spotlight is a huge feature... just to name a few. How about Quartz 2D Extreme? And I've got news for you, Classic compatibiliy is going to become less and less important in the coming years. In fact it already is much less important thatn it was a year ago, not to mention 3 years...
  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-11-21 10:20:15  alarzaga [View]

    Since OS upgrades generally go for $20 for recent buyers of their hardware, and assuming that Tiger is released sometime in January, then a better question is whether it is worth waiting 2-3 months for $20.

  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-11-19 03:03:41  Sandman619 [View]

    Apple usually offers recent owners the chance to purchase the newer OS for $19.95; their cost for the CD & shipping. I think that they usually extend that offer 3 to 6 months into the past. Usually, once the release date is announced, they will include the upgrade offer for new customers. This way, they don't suffer a lag in sales between the announcement and the on-shelf date.

    A developer friend of mine is test-driving the deloper release and said that Tiger is definitely worth the upgrade.
    • OSX 10.4 upgrade
      2004-11-30 16:09:23  iwantiger [View]

      Well after speaking with a manager at one of the Mac stores I am going to wait for the Tiger release from its cage (10.4.1). Why you ask? The following is based on the information I got from the Apple manager: If I ever have to or want to re-install the OS from scratch, I would first have to install the original OS that came with the computer (45 minutes or longer) then first re-install OS 10.4 Tiger (even more time).

      Also all new operating systems have bugs to be worked out. The manager told me within one month the bugs should all be resolved. And so I guess I have to wait for the OS 10.4.2 or the second release of Tiger.

      Note: I am new to the Mac world of computing. I have decided my next computer to be a Mac G5. I want everything in the computer to be 64 Bit and take full advantage of the unmatched 64 Bit processing only found in the new Mac G5 computers. I have read all this is on this sting and there is allways a flip side to the coin. Hats off to Macintosh. As far as I know all tech suppoert if anyone would ever need it is located in the "good old USA". It is not out-sourced overseas to save money like so many PC companies are presently doing.

      I have recently researched computer companies. Everything from buying the right computer to their tech support. Just try getting tech support from a PC company. You may be talking with someone in the far east or somewhere far far away with a native thick accent that can be very difficult and frustrating to understand.

      Thanks all, iwantiger
      • OSX 10.4 upgrade
        2004-12-09 02:33:49  NordicMan [View]

        I usually wait for installing a new version of the Mac OS. But if you have what you wish to keep backed up, then you should get along all right. I still just find it simpler to wait. But I would not wait long for a new Mac. Panther is quite good.

        It sounds odd, the idea of having to install the original OS, then the newer one. Why?

        I got a G5, and am quite happy with it. It is supposed to be that come January Apple will have a PCI express graphic slot, with PCI X slots. We shall see. New motherboard for that is needed.

        It seems like it would be a while before everything is 64 bit. But people may well be more knowledgeable than me. So many developers/supplier-vendors have 32 bit programmes, and they will have to run side by side with the newer programmes from developers. It is hard to imagine Adobe and Quark being quick about getting 64 bit support in good fashion, when so many of their customers will have 32 bit OSs.

        May you find much enjoyment and fertile use of your new Mac.
      • OSX 10.4 upgrade
        2004-12-04 15:41:28  scottbrown3 [View]

        Actually, the part about re-installing isn't true, unless it is brand new with Tiger. I have an iBook and several Pismo (G-3) PowerBooks, and I installed Panther on them without having to resintall the original shipping OS first. I would expect the same with Tiger. You may want to check another source on this. In anycase, it is usually a mistake to play the waiting game because there is ALWAYS something new in the wings, just waiting a few months before being released.

        Other than that you will be very, very pleased with your Mac. I've switched quite a few people and not one of them ever wants to go back to Windows.

  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-11-18 15:26:10  OtisWild [View]

    I would wait.

    Apple is pretty obnoxious in this area, so I would definitely wait until at the very least they offer free upgrade vouchers in the box if their new HW doesn't ship with X.4.

    Frankly I think they should just go with 'X' (the letter, not the Roman numeral) with a version number, instead of prolonging this 10.x.y stuff. I mean, each of these 'sub versions' rank (and are priced) as version releases due to new apps, features and fframework/APIs....
    • OSX 10.4 upgrade
      2004-11-23 06:09:26  Rahbyrt [View]

      Buy it now.

      Conventional wisdom says never buy the first release of any Apple OS upgrade unless you want the bugs that were missed in Apple's rush-to-market. Software Smarties will say wait for the first revision of the upgrade, such as Tiger 10.4.2 .

      Of-course by then we'll have news that OSX 10.5 "Cheetah" is scheduled to be released in 6-months, and maybe we should wait for that...
      ...and so continues the infamous Apple infinite loop of operating system introductions.

      So just buy it now.
      • OSX 10.4 upgrade
        2004-12-28 18:51:52  new_convert [View]

        Agreed. I wasted much time in prolonging my "switch" from the M$ world. Once I was introduced to Panther I have been kicking myself ever since for not making the leap sooner. My wife and kids still run their Windows boxes but they are becoming converts too. Tiger may be the latest and greatest when released and more than likely worth the upgrade, but I am more than confident that you will not be disappointed with Pather and the overall Mac experience.
      • OSX 10.4 upgrade
        2004-12-07 02:02:32  TriangleJuice [View]

        Mac OS X 10.5 won't be Cheetah, because that was the codename of OS 10 10.0.

        My guess is Lynx ;-)