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  Agile User Interface Development
Subject:   I'm sorry....
Date:   2004-11-18 02:11:31
From:   AndyP
In this article you suggest putting functionality into a separate class (lets call this class a 'model'), and having all the display code in another class (the 'view'). You then apply TDD to the model.

Maybe I don't get this but surely suggesting the use of MVC is blindingly obvious. I also think that only testing the model, defeats the entire purpose of testing a GUI. It's realtively easy to test the model in isolation. How does your glorious TDD try to test for all the strange and unpredictable ways that users click on buttons in a GUI? GUI's are event driven, and typically multi-threaded. And all this in the view code which you suggest we shouldn't test.

Please help me to understand what you are trying to say becuase from my naive viewpoint it just seems to be, 'use MVC patterns, and only test the model'.

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  • I'm sorry....
    2004-11-18 06:47:17  b.j. [View]

    I agree with AndyP entirely.

    A better example may be to find a test tool that can test gui interactions. HTTP::Recorder and PAMIE are examples of such tools for testing web applications.