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Subject:   sync
Date:   2004-11-17 22:38:23
From:   sporter
When Apple makes sync open so other applications can use it I sure hope they also make it open so 3rd parties can implement their own sync servers. (Or build sync services into OS X Server.)
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  • sync
    2004-11-21 20:52:08  sdfisher [View]

    I would rather Apple fix the iSync stuff they already have. Apple's Palm OS synchronization is slow and awkward compared with other Palm syncs.
  • sync
    2004-11-18 15:27:00  OtisWild [View]

    I think the other way 'round would be super handy too:

    A public API so that 3rd party device vendors can code sync 'drivers' for their devices.

    Then perhaps we'll see a proper iSync interface for the PhatBox instead of the hacky kludges there are now?

    Frankly, the sync function in iTunes should be migrated to iSync for consistency's sake. At least for the OS X version.