Learning Jakarta Struts, Part 2
Subject:   about Jakarta Struts
Date:   2001-11-01 20:50:44
From:   nilieg
I think Part 3 of this series explains more about the deployment to these components. Knowlegde about deployment will help all the more to understand the effectiveness of the Jakarta Struts. Though the first two of the series were also very informative
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  • Sue Spielman photo about Jakarta Struts
    2001-11-03 11:33:40  Sue Spielman | [View]

    The part III of the series will finish defining all of the components necessary for a Struts app as well as the setup. While we will walk through the deployment of the sample Struts app, the article isn't focused on web app deployment. There is a very good description of web application deployment structure in the Apache documentation. I believe I gave the link to it in the part II article. Hope this helps.