Learning Jakarta Struts, Part 2
Subject:   problem while displaying errors
Date:   2001-11-01 00:24:29
From:   harish_babu
I have many fields ( HTML input boxes) in my JSP page. When there is some error in user input, on using "Action errors" the errors are displayed in random manner even if i add error to errors collection in the order in which the fields are displayed in my JSP page.Basically i want to display errros to be displayed in the same order in which the fields appear, Using struts provided API can i do that ?
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  • problem while displaying errors
    2002-08-26 15:46:29  mikemiller991 [View]

    I would also like to know if this is possible. From everything I have read so far it appears that the actionerrors are put in a hash table in an order that we do not control. Which is why we see the random listing of field names.

    I have seen that if I use the following
    <html:errors property="fieldname" /> I can display the message in a particular order for a particular field. However the problem doing it this way is that my the errors.header and errors.footer is called every time.