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  ASP.NET Data Controls Part 3: DataList
Subject:   ASP.Net DataList control
Date:   2004-11-12 08:38:58
From:   Ali33
Response to: ASP.Net DataList control

I have exactly the same problem. I have to click twice in order to see update text boxe and same problem with IsPostBack.
Any solution?
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  • ASP.Net DataList control
    2005-06-23 01:11:04  //Rutger_Smit [View]

    Don't forget to re-bind your data onto the grid in the Edit/Cance/Delete functions.
    • ASP.Net DataList control
      2006-02-23 06:10:38  estudios [View]

      un ejempo completo de un data list manipularlo con una base de datos si
    • ASP.Net DataList control using c#.net
      2005-08-10 02:59:45  dotnetloverboy [View]

      Friends pls tell me how to get that data from the server database and display it on the webpage using the c# - coding --- here the coding should be in the c# & asp.net Only....
      • ASP.Net DataList control using c#.net
        2006-05-10 04:14:40  sudhirsoft9 [View]

        ur trying to access data from server to datalist or another
        • ASP.Net DataList control using c#.net
          2007-06-12 03:31:06  garapati84 [View]

          im tryin to access data frm server to datalist using c#
          plz give me the details abt that.
  • ASP.Net DataList control
    2004-12-21 11:51:06  swarupkumar [View]

    I just want to give my high thanks to you for providing the article. It help me a lot in solving my problem.
    I haven't implement the edit template yet so,
    I will get back if i face any problem.


    swarup kumar