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Subject:   Need help with lighting
Date:   2004-11-10 17:32:12
From:   2gtginc
Hello all! I have been shooting models for a couple of years with a digital camera. I started with a Nikon Coolpix 880, and am now using an Olympus Camedia. The problem is this: Both of these cameras take great outdoor pics, but indoors, using studio lighting and a flash, the pics are always extremely pixelated, the colors aren't right when I use a flash, and there is always redeye when I use a flash. I am desperate to find out the secret to proper lighting so that my models aren't shortchanged with less than flattering pics?
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  • Need help with lighting
    2005-01-02 09:31:53  Piash [View]

    First set your digicams white balance to Daylight mode. Manualy set the aperture according to the studio flash. If u have a pc socket, its well. Dont use the built in flashgun. Otherwise use it to sync but place a white card in front of the flash. So that this light will not appear into the exposure. Thanks.
    • Need help with lighting
      2005-05-25 07:14:55  GitRDone [View]
  • Need help with lighting
    2007-12-30 07:49:50  nicnow [View]