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Subject:   Vi and emacs
Date:   2004-11-09 02:31:15
From:   zaphod_es
How can there be a meaningful article about text editors that leaves out those two? It would make more sense to just review them!


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  • Giles Turnbull photo Vi and emacs
    2004-11-09 03:50:08  Giles Turnbull | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Well, think of it this way. To make them readable, articles here stick to a length of about 2,000 words. Now personally, I don't think 2,000 words would be enough space to do justice to such powerful editors as Emacs and Vi. A meaningful review of either would make an article in itself! (Hmm, now there's an idea...)

    I wanted to leave the "big boys" out of this article, so there was space to explore other issues and smaller apps that might get overlooked.