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Subject:   handling overlapping/simultaneous page edits
Date:   2004-11-08 17:26:15
From:   idallen
Something I wanted to know for all your examples was:

Which Wikis detect overlapping/simultaneous edits of pages?

The last time I tried Kwiki, it didn't. One person could start to edit a
page, a second person could start, edit, and end the edit, then the first
person would save and the second person's changes would be completely
wiped out with no warning. "Last person to save, wins."

I also echo the comment by the person who said you should use your
evaluation criteria for *all* your wikis examined. You often only
mentioned one or two of the criteria, and you don't quantify how
well each wiki rated for each one. Good start! More details!

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  • handling overlapping/simultaneous page edits
    2004-11-10 09:55:40  roberthanson1 [View]

    TWiki accomplishes this by locking a page when you edit it. The page is unlocked when the person editing it saves their changes. If a user locks a page, and never unlocks it, it will automatically unlock in an hour (or something like that). There should also be some options to tweak this behavior.