Clustering and Load Balancing in Tomcat 5, Part 2
Subject:   Clustering And LoadBalancing
Date:   2004-11-07 08:45:42
From:   armedace
Indeed, an excellently written article on the related topic. The code is superbly written, and does executes well.
Now, based upon the artilce i was trying to load-shed a sample request from a simple webpage. But the problem here is that the information provided at the webpage is not reaching a servlet at one of the clustered node server.
Let me explain, there is a web page which asks a simple username through a textbox and then redirects it to a servlet through the LoadBalancer provided by you. But what happens at the servlet end is the username information never reaches.
Pardon me to say that I am new to this topic, so any sort of help will indeed help out.
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  • Clustering And LoadBalancing
    2004-11-10 16:59:48  armedace [View]

    Sorry people, it was my fault and now I have figured that out. The respective article is so well written that it hardly needs any challenge.
    All the credit goes to Mr.Srini.

    The example works well on both kinds of clusters. So if anyoen needs kinda help, i wont mind.

    Thanks again to Mr.Srini.