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Subject:   re: expose
Date:   2004-11-04 14:09:45
From:   eblubeta
ummm... mr. copeland....
expose is not nailed to those keys, in fact you can turn it off, put it on certain mouse buttons, put it on different keys or even apply it to sticky corners (like you can do with screensavers).

just take a good long look at your expose panel in the system preferences application, and you will easily find these options for expose.

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  • re: expose
    2004-11-04 14:17:47  eblubeta [View]

    o yeah almost forgot...
    with panther There IS a universal way to change keystrokes. its in the system preferences app again, and its in the keyboard & mouse panel under the "keyboard shortcuts"...
    and when I said universal i meant "universal with cocoa apps, and some carbon apps".