Secure Your Wireless with IPsec
Subject:   Wireless+IPSec with Windows laptops?
Date:   2004-11-01 16:19:06
From:   danlangille
Response to: Wireless+IPSec with Windows laptops?

Interesting that you should mention Windows XP. That's the next project I have on my books.

I made one attempt, using a reference I found, but I did not succeed. I'll be trying again, and if I do, I'll be documenting it.

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  • Wireless+IPSec with Windows laptops?
    2004-11-02 00:53:15  jonbelson [View]

    I managed to set up a IPSEC link between my FreeBSD server and a dual boot Win2000/FreeBSD laptop. The FreeBSD to FreeBSD link worked fine, but I kept getting occasional drop outs when running Win2000 - the link would die, and I'd need to restart the IPSEC service via mmc to get it going again. I've seen others reporting the same problem, so I'll be interested to see how you get on.