Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming
Subject:   What a load of tosh!
Date:   2004-10-29 07:40:35
From:   bingobingo
Honestly, you people need to get *some* kind of life, anything would do, try stamp collecting for a start. AOP is the emperor's new clothes of the moment.
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  • What a load of tosh!
    2004-10-29 09:27:50  grahamoregan [View]

    lol, nice understanding of the material! The article provides an introduction to the concept, it leaves the decision to (not) use AOP entirely up to the reader. To that end, I (and others) believe that this article meets it's goal.

    Please don't pollute the comments on this article with your personal view on technology, there are many IRC channels to air your views.


    PS. If you are willing to expose your identity, we can discuss this further.