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Weblog:   Linux Users: Welcome to the World of Malware
Subject:   Missing the Point
Date:   2004-10-28 21:16:47
From:   einheit
Response to: Missing the Point

Point 1: Linux users are "PC users". It really annoys me when Windows users fail to realise that.

Not really, Linux is not a traditional "pc operating system", but is rather a member of the unix family fo operating systems. The OS environment and the culture of linux and windows differ violently. Linux has much more in common with Solaris than it does with ms windows.

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  • Missing the Point
    2004-10-28 23:55:00  TWD [View]

    No, 'PC' refers to a hardware platform, anything that runs on that platform is by definition a 'PC Operating System', regardless of it's origins (Vax, or Unix in this case).

    So Linux users are just as much PC users as are FreeBSD users, BeOS users and OS2 users
    • Missing the Point
      2004-10-29 07:53:06  unoengborg [View]

      As far as I know PC stands for Personal Computer, so if they are PC users or not would depend on how they use the intel hardware. After all Linux, FreeBSD, and even late versions of windows have multi user capabilities.

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