Proper Filesystem Layout
Subject:   You forgot an important one...
Date:   2001-10-15 04:48:48
From:   macemoneta
Many people overlook the importance of a separate, minimal size, partition for /mnt. The reason that this is important becomes clear when using removable drives (like Jaz drives). If the mount fails (perhaps an improperly formated device being mounted by an unattended process, like a backup), the /mnt subdirectory (e.g., /mnt/jaz) is still available; data written to that directory will end up in the root ("/") filesystem, possibly leading to the failure of other processes. By creating a minimal filesystem for /mnt, the system is protected from mount failures.

Mace Moneta

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  • You forgot an important one...
    2001-10-29 19:58:09  kanies [View]

    Yes, that could be a problem, but the majority of unix servers don't use read-writable drives. Tape drives are common, but that's a raw device and won't work without the tape in the drive.

    Really, the best solution to this problem is error checking--if you have a hands-off script which mounts a volume, then check that the mount worked before you start writing data to it. All scripts and programs should do error checking anyway, especially when it comes to this type of operation, and throwing away space isn't a very good substitute.
  • You forgot an important one...
    2002-10-17 18:18:38  anonymous2 [View]

    You can make the directories in /mnt read-only, it won't affect the mount operation.