XML Messaging Using JBoss
Subject:   Use XMPP !
Date:   2004-10-22 13:17:07
From:   mickaŽlrťmond
I really do not see the point in using JMS for this kind of need.

I am using the XMPP, Jabber protocol. It is much easier and trully multi-language (I mean all language are equal regarding the XMPP protocol).


Mickaël Rémond

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  • Use XMPP !
    2005-05-25 08:13:24  ewsachse [View]


    Why would I use an instant messaging protocol instead of JMS? Thousands of enterprise systems support JMS as well as native Websphere MQ. You use them for enterprise computing.

    This jabber stuff is used for instant messaging chatting. That is just a distraction that keeps programmers from doing their jobs.

    WTF are you thinking?