Mobile Email with UUCP
Subject:   Better SMTP!
Date:   2004-10-22 11:35:52
From:   oreally99
People don't seem to have a problem with POP3 or IMAP - so the incoming mail works fine.

The problem is with the outgoing mail - I used to have tons of problems having to change SMTP servers when I changed my ISP (one at work and another at home).

About 6 months ago I Googles and found - a secure, authenticated SMTP mail relay. Works from all the ISP's I use and then even virus scan my outgoing mail.

Worth a look!

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  • Ditch SMTP for Modified IMAP
    2005-03-18 15:12:48  divides_by_zero [View]

    Another novel solution to sending mail is to patch IMAP servers to send out mail when a message is copied into the OUTBOX folder.

    I believe this functionality already exists for Courier IMAP.