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Subject:   Google Desktop Search problem
Date:   2004-10-22 08:51:35
From:   Portland42
for 2 days Google Desktop Search was great - until somehow it got corrupted. Am I the only one in the world this happed to? I tried to uninstall it but am left with a file "GoogleDesktopNetwork1.dll" wich I cannot remove. When trying to reinstall Google Dektop Search I get message that 'this version is already installed'! Can someone please help me out?
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    2006-09-29 17:54:54  omegauzzy [View]

  • Google Desktop Search problem
    2005-02-09 10:22:15  rzscoop [View]

    Major problems! I cannot even successfully boot up my laptop now... Google Desktop Search worked for me until I installed my Verizon AirCard, including Venturi. Then Google Desktop Search indicated that it was incompatible with Venturi and things went down hill from there. It looks like a complete system rebuild will be required. Not a good day.