Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations?
Subject:   if (!J2EE Certified ) { CTOs won't bite }
Date:   2001-10-12 02:56:21
From:   fcrabus
Response to: J2EE Compliant == J2EE Certified


Andy, you're right. I -personally- don't need
a J2EE-certified application server. And I'm
sure there're a lot of people out there who
don't need it either.
For me it's important
-that JBoss complies with the specifications
-that it's easy to use
Conclusion: I use JBoss everyday

But that's just a developer's point of view.
In the eye of a CTO certification is an important
feature. I haven't met one customer (decision maker) who's really into technology. They don't
want to risk anything. And for those people - the
one's who pay our cheques - certification *is* important.

If JBoss wants to gain market share (not mind share - that's what they already got) three
things have to solved:
- they need to be J2EE certified
- they need professional support (that's being done I hear)
- they need better marketing (I won't get into details or Marc Fleury will kill me)


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  • if (!J2EE Certified ) { CTOs won't bite }
    2001-10-12 08:28:00  schaefera [View]

    For big companies or companies having enough money this is true: CTOs won't bite. But for companies which need to save money this can become an argument.

    On the other hand did you heard anything about a linux certification ? IBM and other big companies are using it. It took time to spread the word that there is a free OS which can compete with M$ Windows and it will also take time with JBoss.

    A small company will maybe accept JBoss with certification because it is free and open. For big companies we don't want to try to sell to the CTOs but maybe when employees start to use it for their own projects then with the time it will spread, too.