Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations?
Subject:   J2EE Compliant == J2EE Certified
Date:   2001-10-11 22:35:16
From:   schaefera
The only point which bugs me in this article is the beginning. Because I am a contributor to JBoss the entire discussion did left their marks but the BIG question is what our goal is.
For me it is the chance to create a J2EE implementation able to compete with the big boys and girls and not to make big bucks even I would not mind a raise. Therefore for me J2EE Compliant and J2EE Certified is not the same. When we can create a J2EE implementation compliant with the specification, able to contribute to the creation of future specifications and to drive features we do not need J2EE certifications.
As long as their are enough people willing to try if we are compliant and the word goes around that we are JBoss will has its market share.
Maybe later on when the success of JBoss is big enough JBoss can get enough funds for the certification to gain more momentum which I think is the better than to rely on outside funds especially when the money comes from Sun or any other big player (nobody gives money without a payback).

Enjoy - Andy

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  • if (!J2EE Certified ) { CTOs won't bite }
    2001-10-12 02:56:21  fcrabus [View]


    Andy, you're right. I -personally- don't need
    a J2EE-certified application server. And I'm
    sure there're a lot of people out there who
    don't need it either.
    For me it's important
    -that JBoss complies with the specifications
    -that it's easy to use
    Conclusion: I use JBoss everyday

    But that's just a developer's point of view.
    In the eye of a CTO certification is an important
    feature. I haven't met one customer (decision maker) who's really into technology. They don't
    want to risk anything. And for those people - the
    one's who pay our cheques - certification *is* important.

    If JBoss wants to gain market share (not mind share - that's what they already got) three
    things have to solved:
    - they need to be J2EE certified
    - they need professional support (that's being done I hear)
    - they need better marketing (I won't get into details or Marc Fleury will kill me)