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  Using Timers in J2EE Applications
Subject:   Use of timerHandle
Date:   2004-10-20 10:32:16
From:   denka
Is there a particular reason why
public void cancelTimer(String timerName)

on page 1 iterates all timers in context instead of using


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  • Use of timerHandle
    2004-10-30 07:57:50  zhouxc [View]

    You can define many timers in you application by the initialized method, although this is not necessary in general.
  • Use of timerHandle
    2004-10-21 09:46:19  DebuPanda [View]

    No not for specific reasons (:-

    Initially I created this method to cancel all timers and hence it iterates thru all timers

    And just reused to demonstrate how you can cancel the timer by passing "info"