Storming the Microsoft Edifice
Subject:   Well written, but....biased
Date:   2004-10-18 23:16:40
From:   anandvaidya

Your article is well written. Except for some unwarranted Pro-SUN, anti-IBM remarks spoil the entire article, showing your bias towards SUN.

Quote: "and having turned over senior management quite thoroughly--began to listen more effectively to what the markets had to say. Now Sun has broken out of the high end to successfully deliver nearly end-to-end software suites on both Solaris and GNU/Linux on the commodity x86 hardware platform. This includes its successful reemergence in servers on AMD Opteron."

Quote: "IBM, as another example, entered the GNU/Linux market only because its customers insisted. Now IBM are nearly synonymous with open source (whether it deserves to be or not)."

I remember reading IBM had a sea change in its top management + attitude and realized that they can't use the oldways, and pretty much changed to what they are today.

Why do you think IBM does not deserve any credits? IBM has:

  • 250 Engineers contributing code to linux (LTCs)
  • ported a lot of apps to linux
  • Donated code : Eclipse, EVM, JFS, cloudscape, kernel, OSDL member etc
  • Is itself migrating to Linux on Desktops!
  • IBM is clearly not trashing Linux publicly
  • IBM is fighting SCO, supporting GPL in court
  • Has enabled most IBM hardware to run well on Linux
  • Has never blown hot and cold on Linux support, in fact entire IGS is there for Linux enablement.

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  • Well written, but....biased
    2004-10-19 01:40:08  malcolmd [View]

    Hi anandvaidya,

    Sam's Article is about the desktop. I think Sam has a point that IBM has only started to make noises about the desktop recently (in response to customer requests) whereas Sun has been very vocal for some time, although they have only recenly released product.

    Having said that it is understandable that IBM should be reluctance to take on MS on the desktop - remember OS/2...