What's So Java About Sun's Linux Desktop?
Subject:   Enterprise?
Date:   2004-10-18 18:15:09
From:   gdriggs
Response to: Hardened? Integrated?

I suppose I should do my own clarifying... I think you're confusing enterprise desktop OSs with enterprise server OSs. It's the equivalent of claiming that Windows 2003 Server is worse or better than Windows XP Pro for deploying on serveral hundred, thousand, or ten thousand desktops. Sun JDS is an enterprise desktop OS. Sun Solaris is an enterprise server OS. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an enterprise server OS. Red Hat's Fedora is a desktop OS. SUSE Linux desktop is an enterprise desktop OS. SUSE Enterprise Server 9 is self explanatory. SUSE Linux Pro and Personal are desktop OSs but not enterprise desktop OSs. Mac OS Apple is not the same as Mac OS Orange.
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  • Enterprise?
    2005-04-21 17:32:29  llBourneAgainll [View]

    Your wrong about RHEL. RHEL is not a server OS vs Fedora being a desktop OS. RHEL AS and ES are server os's. RHEL WS is a Workstation (Power User Desktop) os. Fedora is an all pourpose OS (Server, Workstation, Desktop), which is constantly updated and used to test features before they are integrated into, or to see if they are even worth integrating into RHEL. That is exactley what redhat/fedora's websites say, and from my experience I find it to be true. Solaris is also meant to be used as either a server or a workstaiton. So poo on you!