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Subject:   Google Desktop as LAN search tool?
Date:   2004-10-18 06:47:12
From:   Mangoggle
Response to: Google Desktop as LAN search tool?

    you can set up one Windows box that has Samba mounted your main network shares with the Google software

I thought the point was that you can only index local disks? In which case, this would only work if you ran the Google software on the fileserver itself... which would therefore have to be a windows box.
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  • Google Desktop as LAN search tool?
    2004-11-18 12:57:13  cdevers [View]

    Yeah, that would all be a dead end, of course. The approach I'm hoping for would just be to have a Samba client indexing what it can find, but it may not be feasible.

    Oh well, maybe it'll be practical in a future version...