Exploring E4X with Ruby
Subject:   Nice Idea
Date:   2004-10-15 21:36:12
From:   HotFusionMan
Response to: Nice Idea

And many thanks to you for the code and article!

The dash-in-name remark reminds me of something -- I think the same issue arises in the cLabs Internet Explorer Controller (mentioned in one of the files in its distribution if I remember correctly, not directly on its Web pages).

At least for this case, if the Ruby interpreter required whitespace around the "-" method in calls, that might disambiguate this type of name from the minus operator/method. But I guess that would break the (admittedly rarely seen) syntax foo.-bar or foo.-(bar).

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  • Jack Herrington photo Nice Idea
    2004-10-15 21:50:43  Jack Herrington | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Thanks. My pleasure.

    My guess is that outside of a string literal it would be difficult to get Ruby to look at any operator symbol as anything other than just the operator.

    I haven't tried something like this though: foo."-bar"

    I'd try it out but I need some sleep.

    I actually talked with the guys that did the E4X work in Javascript. They did a LOT of work in the tokenizer and lexical analyzer to support the entire XML standard in Javascript.