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  Exploring E4X with Ruby
Subject:   Nice Idea
Date:   2004-10-15 12:41:03
From:   jherr2002
Response to: Nice Idea

Excellent. Thanks.

Be advised. I was informed by another reader that because of the operand ordering in Ruby that not all XML structures are available with this code. For example, attributes in namespaces, or attributes which include special characters, like a dash, are not available. Though you can use the standard accessors to get to these.

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  • Nice Idea
    2004-10-15 21:36:12  HotFusionMan [View]

    And many thanks to you for the code and article!

    The dash-in-name remark reminds me of something -- I think the same issue arises in the cLabs Internet Explorer Controller (mentioned in one of the files in its distribution if I remember correctly, not directly on its Web pages).

    At least for this case, if the Ruby interpreter required whitespace around the "-" method in calls, that might disambiguate this type of name from the minus operator/method. But I guess that would break the (admittedly rarely seen) syntax foo.-bar or foo.-(bar).