Exploring E4X with Ruby
Subject:   Nice Idea
Date:   2004-10-15 12:22:16
From:   HotFusionMan
Response to: Nice Idea

I was so happy to see the easy-to-use syntax in this article that I turned the inline code into a library file and a Test::Unit test case. In the course of running the tests, I may have uncovered the bug reported here: the readxml method was not using the document's root to create the NodeWrapper, as the xml method was. Once I added ".root" to the end of the argument to, I had no more test failures.
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  • Jack Herrington photo Nice Idea
    2004-10-15 12:41:03  Jack Herrington | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Excellent. Thanks.

    Be advised. I was informed by another reader that because of the operand ordering in Ruby that not all XML structures are available with this code. For example, attributes in namespaces, or attributes which include special characters, like a dash, are not available. Though you can use the standard accessors to get to these.