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  Opening Up the PlayStation 2 with Linux
Subject:   Sony won't sell PS2 Linux in the US!!
Date:   2004-10-14 14:07:15
From:   diceman
What is the deal....I was reading your comments. Sony is stating on the playstation web site that they are no longer selling the Linux kit to users in the US..Anyone know why?
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  • Sony won't sell PS2 Linux in the US!!
    2004-12-03 11:09:58  hector_sosa [View]

    The ps2 linux kit was officially discontinued June '04 - it sounds at if that's a worldwide thing, so you're stuck paying the high dollar on ebay if you want a kit. BTW: don't lose any parts that are proprietary to the kit - my monitor cable came up missing after a linux expo - don't think I'm ever gonna find another one.