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  Two Servlet Filters Every Web Application Should Have
Subject:   GZIP memory leak and content length problems
Date:   2004-10-13 05:57:23
From:   saikinnera
Response to: GZIP memory leak and content length problems

Hi Krem,
I am working on compressing the content using GZIPOutputStream.On my local machine everything is working fine. Using struts on weblogic 8.1. But when I try to get that page from another machine pointing my local server, I am getting a FileDownload dialog and if I open it, there is binary content. Could you please suggest anything on this.


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  • GZIP memory leak and content length problems
    2006-07-23 23:26:04  CheenuInventor [View]

    After 3 days analysis on Weblogic 8.1 i have found the solution for this problem. If guys need the solution contact me at chinu_en@yahoo.com. Since i really need to know how many have come across this situation.
    • GZIP memory leak and content length problems
      2007-01-18 05:49:27  ShriniMailNSrinivasan@gmail.com [View]

      solution :
      1. Dont try to compress html files from weblogic 8 (not tried with any other weblogic version).
      2. Dont give multiple route of mapping to a filter in web.xml in weblogic 8.

      To be more clear on second point ,




      All the request has a url patern "/servlet" passes through CompressionFilter.
      All the request will reach the Index Servlet will also passes through CompressionFilter.
      If a request matches both the above condition then response will be compressed twice.
      Thus creates the prob of FileDownload dialog or junk chars shown.
      This will not happen in tomcat.