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Subject:   Proxool Provider unable to load JAXP
Date:   2004-10-11 09:36:07
From:   Makeurownrules
Response to: Proxool Provider unable to load JAXP

Hi Mark,

Actually this error comes whenever there is some exceptional characters are before the So I just copy the content of proxool.xml in new file and it work :).

It was wonderful tutorial :) and I hope more see more tutorials of thing kind from our developers :)


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  • Proxool Provider unable to load JAXP
    2004-12-22 05:50:39  jhliang90us [View]

    I tried everything I can think of, including change proxool.xml file to something else. It still does not work. Could you give some details on how did you fix the problem. Such as what file name did you changed to and code scraches. Thanks.