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Subject:   numbers as option text?
Date:   2004-10-11 07:50:13
From:   wolffy
Response to: numbers as option text?

Thank you, for this code. I have been look for code like this for some time. And this is the fastest. I added your updated code, so the tab and numeric look ahead is working fine. but when I go over a number that is not found the last digit resets the look ahead function and starts all over with the last number. I am using it to type ahead through 10,200 numbers. It works fine with 9168 numbers, but If I ad one more to the select object the nearest fails. Can you help?
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  • numbers as option text?
    2004-10-14 12:05:34  Danny Goodman | O'Reilly Author [View]

    10+K entries! No wonder you've been looking for this kind of functionality. :-)

    Unless IE does something innately weird when a select element's options exceed 9168 (a stress point, I would imagine), I can think of a couple things to try.

    First, experiment with longer values for the delay property of the typeAheadInfo object constructor function.

    It's also possible that with so many options, the scripting bogs down with repeated fetches of the options for each keystroke. Perhaps rework the code to perform the retrieval just once (at onload time) and preserve the list in a global variable for faster subsequent retrievals.