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Subject:   Problem with testing process in JMeter
Date:   2004-10-06 23:44:39
From:   Rohit_Malhotra

I have gone throuh the testing process as specified in forum. I am testing my website performance.I am test JSP Page. I processed step by step and follow the process but when i run my process and looks the result in table, it shows a column "success" with some check boxes with unchacked.

What does it means? my testing is not sucess or what?

What should I do?

Is there any need to configure any webserver with jmeter?

What should I do if i want to test my dynamic webpages?

Thank You

Rohit Malhotra

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  • Problem with testing process in JMeter
    2005-04-08 02:20:41  ShabanaK [View]

    When box is unchecked it means the jsp was not found.

    For dynamicpages do refer Usermanual/Jmeter FAQ
  • Problem with testing process in JMeter
    2005-04-18 22:01:49  manipgt [View]

    hi..this is manikandan.even i also faced same problem as u got.the best thing thing is ur query is same as mine.have u got any suggessions from anybody?
    if yes,plz let me know what i should i do to rectify the same.