Handling Events in JavaServer Faces, Part 2
Subject:   Too complicated for such a simple task?
Date:   2004-10-04 08:09:25
From:   WorcsNet_Team
JavaFaces seems to be a really sloppy solution to web development problems. This example clearly illustrates that - so much coding for such a simple task? The idea of refreshing the page every time something needs to be processed on the server alone just means that such an application will never have a decent and functional GUI – which means diminished business value.
Look at a great alternative solution - IAB Studio at It allows to create J2EE applications using in-browser designers instead of using tons of XML-like JSP pages, which are extremely hard to develop, maintain. In IAB Studio a developer creates rich Internet applications with desktop-like features and performance. And it only takes several days.
Look at - a demo application, which was created in IAB Studio in just 5 days! See what features a web application created in IAB Studio has. Chances are, an average Struts or JSF developer will be much surprised -)

WorcsNet Team

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  • Too complicated for such a simple task?
    2004-10-13 13:38:36  aunty_spam [View]

    It's unfortunate, then, that you've engaged in a campaign of spamming and dishonesty to promote this product. Google Groups shows up spam (identical postings to multiple newsgroups) and also astroturfing (that is, posts from your company which purport to be from satisfied users, as anyone knowledgeable enough to read the headers can tell). Is the post from "Clancy" below also from you guys?

    Hint: if you don't want to piss me off, don't spam newsgroups I read.
  • Too complicated for such a simple task?
    2004-10-04 09:06:40  Clancy [View]

    Yes you are right.
    It is probably a good alternative to JSF.
    We are using IAB Studio for more then one year and finding it very powerful for web applications development and easy to use even for inexperienced developers.
    So far we've built several applications using this tool with a minimum of software development efforts.