Unit Test Your Struts Application
Subject:   What about StrutsTestCase for JUnit?
Date:   2004-09-28 18:43:33
From:   lujian213
Response to: What about StrutsTestCase for JUnit?

The emphasis of this article is to introduce the initial idea of Cactus from a developer's point of view. And extend the idea in Struts env. StrutsUT is not a mature product, it is only a reference implementation of the author's idea. Readers can reference StrutsUT to do their own implementation.

I looked through StrutsTestCase user guide. I am not very clear in some points. When the action class uses external interface, StrutsUT can handle it with mock object. I don't know how StrutsTestCase handles it. This point is an important aspect of StrutsUT. If you have time, would you please give out a test case using StrutsTestCase according to the example in my article? Thanks.

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  • What about StrutsTestCase for JUnit?
    2004-10-02 09:34:08  irkutsk [View]

    I am using SWExplorerAutomation for Web Application unit testing. It converts Web application into programmable objects. The objects are defined using Visual Designer. The Visual Designer allows to record script and generate code. While code have to be in .Net lanugage it can be used to test any Web application written using DHTML/HTML. The main requirement is that the Web application should work with Internet Explorer.