ActionScript for Non-Coders
Subject:   Export Issues.
Date:   2004-09-28 00:50:49
From:   eff-werks
I have been using the Camera and enjoying the vesitility of it. Even with the limitations of the rotation it provides a more believable shake effect. The only issue I am seeing now is that in the exporting of the file to anything other than a .swf, the camera fails to work. It acts like a moving componant and leaves me to have to go back a retween everything. I have yet to find a solution, and wonder if there is a modification in the code that could allow for exporting into the other file formats, like Quicktime, and the like that will allow me to put my work onto my student reel. I've been reading up and refreshing my own scripting skills and I think it's possible to script an "override" that will make the camera the default viewer in an export, but I wanted to ask to be sure. Thanks for a great tool.


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  • Export Issues.
    2005-04-01 08:41:10  Sham_B [View]

    Try this link for an article on the Broken Saints Flash to DVD project. It still cant be done in flash, but the article talks about one possible workflow


  • Export Issues.
    2005-02-23 11:16:49  chadconger [View]

    Try exporting it as a swf then importing that swf in a new flash document. After you do this it should be frame by frame. Now you can export it as a quicktime and still have your camera effects.
  • Export Issues.
    2004-09-28 07:43:09  Sham_B [View]

    hmm. Its good to see that so many people are using the camera, but think I should really add rotation functionality to it! When we first developed it, we (myself and Adam) didnt really consider rotation as something that would be required by most animators... or at least, I dont think I listened to Adam enough when he asked for it!

    As to exporting for video, there isnt really any easy way to export the effects of ActionScript, as you have already found out. This IMO is one of the major failings of Flash as a general animation authoring tool - it relies on ActionScript for much of its versatility, but the effects of ActionScript can only really be seen in a running SWF.

    The next revision of Flash ('Flash 8') will pay special attention to the issues and concerns of designers... see for the lowdown.

    I would strongly recommend all animators/designers out there to make concerns like 'Cant easily export the effects of AS into Flash content destined for video and broadcast quality animations' (and why it is so important to animators) known to the Macromedia Flash dev team. You can do this through the form at