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  Top Ten Tips for Mac OS X Con 2004
Subject:   Better Apple Stores
Date:   2004-09-27 10:44:42
From:   stmpjmpr
The Valley Fair Apple Store is OK for those who are transportationally-challenged, but if you can get around, you should really see the Palo Alto or San Francisco store instead. The VF one is a small mall store, PA was the first "regular" Apple Store in the Bay Area, and SF is one of the big flagship stores.
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  • Additional Apple Stores
    2004-10-12 07:40:10  kirsch [View]

    There is also a nicely located store on in Burlingame, about halfway up Burlingame Ave, next to Peets Coffee. You can take Cal-train and it stops at the Avenue. Like P.A., it is a nice street to hang for a couple hours and Cal-train is easier walking than P.A.

    Also a new store in Stonestown Mall, off 19th Street in S.F. probably need a car, however.

    Of course nothing beats the S.F. flagship for the WOW factor...take Cal-train to the Millbrae station, switch over to bart, take bart...to the powell station, I believe it is.

  • Derrick Story photo Better Apple Stores
    2004-09-28 08:28:10  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Agreed. In fact, if you can get over to the Palo Alto store, the whole downtown experience there is worth the trip. Plus, I really like that Apple Store. The SF store has the legendary staircase... and is of course in the heart of SF. Fun stuff!