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Subject:   Problems with mySessionFactory
Date:   2004-09-27 03:05:59
From:   meagle
Response to: Problems with mySessionFactory

Did you put the jta.jar file in the web-inf\lib dir?


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  • Problems with mySessionFactory
    2004-11-25 06:32:10  alebuqor [View]

    I have the same error. Have you been resolved it??
    I tried to add the jta.jar to web-inf\lib, but the error is still there
    • Problems with mySessionFactory
      2006-01-12 06:54:32  SanthoshNathan [View]

      I have problem in using sessionfactory with spring the error is "cannot create sessionfactory Bean" i have added all the jar files including jta.jar still i have the error .please give me proper solution .