Clustering with JBoss/Jetty
Subject:   What is specific about JBoss ?
Date:   2001-09-22 02:05:58
From:   clauer
The article's title should be changed to "Clustering with Cisco CS 11150", don't you think ?
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  • What is specific about JBoss ?
    2001-09-28 11:05:24  patriot1burke [View]

    I stated this in another post, but the point of the article was to show that you could use Jetty/Jboss in a "clustered" environment. Having the Cisco load-balancer was a huge help.

    I've seen people turn away from JBoss because they think that it will not scale or be reliable because it doesn't have "clustering" features. This is just not true. It really depends on the requirements of your application.

    Best regards,

    Bill Burke