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  PHP Form Handling
Subject:   Radio button values to another page.
Date:   2004-09-17 08:27:01
From:   sklar
Response to: Radio button values to another page.

The value attached to the value attribute of a selected radio button is submitted to the server and should be available in $_POST (or $_GET, depending on the form method). If your HTML is correct, the radio value should be treated just like any other form element...
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  • Radio button values to another page.
    2008-06-11 19:26:01  namrataghadi [View]

    I am trying to get following working:

    There are two pages page 1 and page 1
    Page one has several radio buttons of which the user selects one. On select even the user is redirected to another page that is page2. Here I want to access the value of clicked radio button.
    There is no submit button. The redirection happens on click.

    I am unable to accomplish this in php.