Making Media from Scratch, Part 2
Subject:   Is it still possible to write to QTJava from java on the Mac?
Date:   2004-09-16 02:56:19
From:   skye
you mention using the QTImageDrawer to write java graphics to movies, but it seems to be deprecated in QTJ6.1, along with, it seems, every other class for moving an image drawn in java into QT under 1.4.1. Apple provides an examplein the 6.1 SDK, but it uses QTCanvas and ImageDrawer (both deprecated) and won't compile. Do we have to pass byte arrays, or am I missing something?

Mac os 10.2.8, java 1.4.1, QT 6.5.1 QTJava6.1

-Very Frustrated

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  • Chris Adamson photo Is it still possible to write to QTJava from java on the Mac?
    2004-09-25 10:53:52  Chris Adamson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    No, the QTImageDrawer was part of a sprite-driven live compositing API that was kind of a "bonus" provided to QTJ developers and was not re-created in QTJ 6.1 after OSX Java 1.4 broke it.

    Some workarounds: 1. use the Swing-based QTJComponent and put it in a JLayeredPane to draw on top of the movie, 2. set up a MovieDrawingComplete object to draw on top of each rendered frame (icky: you have to use QuickDraw calls and it ends up flickery anyways), 3. add a new video track to your movie, draw raw frames (samples) with QuickDraw commands, and use setLayer() and GraphicsModes to put it on top of the existing video track, 4. same as 3, but with sprites [kind of re-creating the QTImageDrawer]