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  What's Next for X?
Subject:   Looks great...can we try it?
Date:   2004-09-10 06:34:54
From:   jkp
As an OS X user I hav tied running X windows as an alternative to the normal cocoa environment but have turneed an run simply because it seems so archaic next to what i normally use. I would love to have all the features you describe availible to me under X.

Is there a build availible that incorprates all these flashy new features? Also, could you clear up why X.og is now favoured over Xfree86?

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  • Edd Dumbill photo Looks great...can we try it?
    2004-09-10 11:03:27  Edd Dumbill | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Unless you want to build KDrive or X.Org from CVS for yourself (follow the links in the Resources section), you'll have to wait until the next release of X.Org. I've no idea when that'll be available for OS X.

    X.Org over XFree86 has a political story behind it, you can find it covered on Slashdot if you search for X.Org there. The basic reason is changes in the XFree86 licensing.
    • stupid STUPID name
      2004-11-02 18:09:58  fds [View]

      But X.Org is such a horribly stupid name.
      It's worse than OpenOffice.org.
      Noone should ever use software whose name ends
      in .org, .net, .com or some other imitation thereof. It's ridiculous. It's a windowing server, not a hostname/website. They can have http://x.org, and that's fine, but called a piece of software x.org is horribly stupid.
    • Looks great...can we try it?
      2004-09-10 22:21:35  andrewbastien [View]

      X.Org X11R6.8 release is available through Fink now.