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  Mac OS X for the Traveler, Part 2
Subject:   Travel inconvenience - Serial number inside battery cavity of Powerbook
Date:   2004-09-05 12:15:44
From:   jodyhewell
One thing that is very inconvenient about the PowerBook while traveling on international business is the fact that most security checkpoints at key international companies will scan your laptop's serial number upon entry and rescan on exit. I prefer to always keep my PowerBook in sleep mode - I never shut down. Unfortunately, since the serial numner is hidden in the battery cavity, I have to shut down (if I don't remember to ahead of time), remove the battery (which means I better have some change in my pocket to turn the lock), have the serial number scanned, re-insert the battery, and then power up again before I can do business. All of my PC laptop carrying colleagues just show the security guard the bottom of their laptop.

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  • Travel inconvenience - Serial number inside battery cavity of Powerbook
    2004-09-06 01:01:51  jmiltner [View]

    Depending on the type of PowerBook you're using, you should be able to remove the battery for a couple of seconds while it's sleeping. I can hot swap batteries on my PowerBook G4 while it's asleep, so if the scan is fast enough, you may get away by just removing the batterie, scan and re-insert the batterie and the powerbook would still be asleep.
    It may be worth to try how long you can remove the batterie for before it'll turn off.
  • FJ de Kermadec photo Travel inconvenience - Serial number inside battery cavity of Powerbook
    2004-09-05 13:15:14  FJ de Kermadec | O'Reilly Blogger [View]


    Do you think that you could show them the serial number available through this "About this Mac" menu by clicking twice on the Mac OS version in the palette that appears?

    After all, faking a serial number in a program is as easy as faking a sticker with a barcode on it so security checkpoints may accept it...

    Another option would be to print a sticker with your serial number yourself, provided that it's allowed... Bar code fonts could be of help.