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Subject:   PDF/X-3 claim is wrong
Date:   2004-09-03 14:25:12
From:   dkelly
Indesign has supported PDF/X-3 for a while and Apago's PDF/X Checkup plugin for Acrobat shipped over 2 years ago. PDF/X-1a is widely used in the United States. PDF/X-3 isn't.
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  • PDF/X-3 claim is wrong
    2004-09-03 18:33:04  Defiler [View]

    I thought that only InDesign CS had PDF/X-3 support?
    InDesign CS is a pretty recent addition to their lineup.
  • PDF/X-3 claim is wrong
    2004-09-05 03:42:42  scribusdocs [View]

    No, it is true

    To clarify:

    Indesign 2.x does not support direct to PDF/X-3. ID CS does.

    Scribus has had this since 0.9.5 - 02 Jan. 2003


    At that time, neither Acrobat 6, nor ID CS were released. So yes, Scribus was the first DTP/layout app to support PDF/X-3